breadslicedEach month, we spend a lot of money on artesian breads, moist and chewy dog treats, and those expensive bags of organic crackers or chips that after opening, offer barely a mouthful inside. So, for the past week I’ve been baking my own home versions of these staples. The dog treats and crackers will need further refining, but thanks to Breadtopia and their No Knead Bread (NKB) video, I pulled off great bread on my first try. I’d heard about NKB, but thought I needed an expensive Dutch oven, preferably the Le Creuset brand.  Not the case.  After reading more about the process on Breadtopia, I realized an unglazed clay Romertoph chicken roaster that I’d found in a thrift store, maybe 12 years ago and never used, would work. 

Another plus from this site is their pizza video.  I made a few pizzas this week from the recipe.  Very easy.  No reason to buy store-bought pizza.  I still prefer American Flatbread, but it isn’t cheap.  I’ll work on modifying the recipe in that direction. 

I’ve been offline for a long time–getting a lot of writing done.  In the future, I hope to find a comfortable balance between writing and living the simple life (baking NKB, although quite simple, is about a 20 hour non-active process and requires planning ahead if you want bread). Onward!

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